We’re in 中国! 

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Yes, we have landed in China! Despite being slightly nervous about crossing the border and getting our visas accepted, everything went very smooth and we found ourselves in central Kunming in no time! The cold (but sunny) highland weather (Kunming is over 2000 m above sea level) hit us fairly hard after being accustomed to the Bangkok heat, and unfortunately none of the buildings seem to have any heating. However, we found refuge in the amazingly delicious Bao zi (hot steamed buns with vegetable filling) that we could find here and there along the streets. 

In Kunming we went to a hyper-commercialized ‘old-town’, visited an impressive second hand clothes market (where we found a winter jacket each), and had a great vegan buffet cooked by the local buddists. 我们吃纯素 = wo men chi chun su,  meaning “we eat vegan food” (or literally: we eat pure veg) has become our standard phrase and it works quite well so far.