Tjo huo from Yangshuo

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Anton and I are spending our last days in Yangshuo. This place has been so nice, we’ve gotten to know so many awesome people and cool projects in a really short amount of time. The volunteering place has been so so but we really love the area and the people here.


After recovering from our Christmas celebrations, we’ve been helping out at our new friend Lucy’s English class for children in the city, going to a Chinese class ourselves, organizing stuff at the guest house we volunteer at and today we’ve been climbing up one of the karsts (funny looking pointy mountains) together with 3 friends who work/hang out in a hostel in the city.


After a full day of hiking and looking at a seemingly endless amount of karsts we walked home eating my favorite kind of tofu stuffed in to a steamed bun. Tomorrow we’re going to go rock climbing with some friends and then we’ll go to Chinese class. And probably book a ticket to go back to Guilin for new adventures in new places.


Ps. The beer I’m holding is said to be a North Korean beer. That was Christmas eve. We made pizza, dumplings & pizza dumplings. God jul!

Edit: we left YS and are now staying in Guilin for 4 days. The climbing was great. Puss

Lots of love and pictures bellow!

(Sorry but it’s mostly me in the pictures, Anton remembers to take pictures and I forget. So unfair. )