GuangZhou’ing it up

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Hello vänner!

Now we’re in Guangzhou, also known as Canton, China’s third biggest city (with 11 million people, this city has already surpast our own tiny homecountry, fancy that!). Uhm… We spent two awesome weeks in Liuzhou where we were teaching afternoon English classes for children and hanging out with our great hosts Dec & Any. Here in Guangzhou we’re helping out at a family permaculture organic farm. Since we don’t know the first thing about permaculture we get to do random things like decorating a wooden house that they just finished building, making vindsnurror and collecting leaves. The summer warmth is back, at least to our standards, and today we had a lovely smog-free sunny day with about 22°C. We have about one week until the Chinese Spring festival really takes off and before that we’re gonna spend some days going to a traditional Chinese spring festival market (think Christmas market, but Chinese) selling all the vindsnurror we made. We are getting a bit language confused by now. 

We’ll stay here in Guangzhou for two weeks before we go to Hong Kong and later on to Taiwan. Hörs later!